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The Brazilian disguised fighting style!  Improve your self confidence, learn Capoeira.  Leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in great workout full of culture, music, and fight.



The Capoeira Program is Lead by Contra Mestre Ninja, Co-founder of the International Capoeira Federation. Ninja has being a practitioner of capoeira since 1992. He has taught seminars all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and France. 

Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial arts/dance, was originated in Brazil during the colonial period. The first stories of Capoeira date from the early 1700s. Capoeira was created by the African people who were forced to Brazil as slaves by the Portuguese colonizers. Capoeira became the only way for the slaves to join together and fight the oppressive situation of slavery. It was disguised as a dance in order to fool the slave-owners of what was really going on: the organization of a mass revolution!! Capoeira, in Brazil, symbolizes the fight for freedom, inclusion, equality, justice, mass education, and hope for a better life.

Capoeira has been a sport of the “marginalized” communities, but at the same time, it has been open to anyone and everyone. Today, Capoeira is the second most popular sport in Brazil and it is found internationally on the streets, in sport centers, community halls, schools, and universities. Capoeira has become a worldly game for all people of all ages and ethnicities. Capoeira is beauty, tradition, and it holds profound importance in the history of Brazil.

Capoeira is composed of music, culture, philosophy, and movement. The movements consist of kicks, escapes, cartwheels, and flips. The people who play Capoeira understand that in the roda (the circle of Capoeira) the game with their opponent becomes a dialogue of the body. As one player improvises one movement the other player answers back with another movement.

class2014If a person wants to be a Capoeirista they must learn how to play the instruments, how to sing Capoeira songs, how to be in rhythm, how to move with control and balance, and they must learn to respect the Capoeira philosophy and history. Capoeira represents wellness. It can strengthen all aspects of a person’s health: physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. The present Capoeira game requires the grace and agility of a dancer, with the strength and skill of a warrior.

I, Contra-Mestre Ninja, teach Capoeira based on the premise that physical activities, sports, dance, music, and other forms of art can affect one’s mind and body in a positive manner. It is well established that through physical activities people are able to lower their anxiety levels, change mood states, improve self-esteem, self-concept, and much more. Through teaching Capoeira my objective is to mark people’s life positively, always believing that as students learn how to use their body in a wide variety of ways and improve their awareness of themselves, they become mentally and physically stronger and much more self-confident.

Based on the World Health Organization, the word health comes from and Old English root meaning “wholeness”. All the components of health form a whole, and none works without the other. Health has several dimensions that affect it and that affect each other. These dimensions are: social wellness, spiritual wellness, emotional wellness, physical wellness, and intellectual wellness. All these dimensions make up who we are. The important concepts for good health in these five dimensions represented are: knowing oneself, feeling good about oneself, having a sense of purpose, being aware of our surroundings and of other people, integrating beliefs and actions, having a positive attitude, watching our ways of interaction with people, being sensitive to our emotional needs and those of others, learning about oneself, being physically well including balanced nutrition, obtaining knowledge or ongoing intellectual growth, incorporating healthy lifestyle, and having an open mind!