“When I joined the Brazil Academy, my life changed forever. I had always struggled through life. I had no confidence, I wouldn’t talk unless spoken to, and I was afraid of the world. When I met you, Ninja, it slowly unlocked my potential. I started off with capoeira not even being able to run. I had no coordination, I had no energy to keep moving. A year later, I received my prep green yellow and you told me that people thought I wouldn’t stick around, but 8 years later and I’m still here. Shortly after the current location opened, you and Renata

 started a samba program. I had always seen performances in our batizados, but I never thought I would have the chance to learn. Once I found an opportunity, I took it. The academy gives me motivation to keep going, I love knowing that I’m going to have a class in a familiar environment with people who aren’t going to judge me and underestimate me because of my size. Because, I shouldn’t be able to do any of this with my size! I have learned a new culture, a new way of life, a new history, and a new language all because of the Brazil Academy. Here’s to 5 great years and to 5 years more” – Alex Stuart

“That’s easy. You guys brought back my joy of fitness and friends. You’re family and I love you guys.” – Lou Veneziano

Luis Felipe Ninja Pinto, it’s been almost exactly two years since Trevor started at Brazil Academy USA. He was interested in learning martial arts and I was interested in finding a positive environment for him to grow. You have invested immeasurable time and energy into training Trevor from KC to Springfield to Long Beach. Not only are you his coach, but also a great role model. You and your family demonstrate true family values, a commitment to God and each other. Thank you so much for the positive impact you have had on my son. I am forever grateful!”- Melissa Kornelson Cameron

“I’m proud of having been there since the beginning. You’ve been great friend and teacher on and off the mats. Whatever I know about Jiu-jitsu, it is because of you and Valdir. Thank you and God bless.” – Anssi Santanen

“Your family rocks!!! We love you guys and my kids are becoming stronger with awesome attitudes. Love your commitment to helping and sharing your skills, values, and knowledge with our children and family. We couldn’t of found you guys at a better time.” - Sheng Xiong

“Congratulations my love for the hard work.” - Lola Pinto (Mom)

“ll never blindly fight a small guy because he might know bjj and twist me into a pretzel” – Aleksandr Soishaman Peskishev

“Unfortunately I have not had the time to take advantage of Ninja’s great work at the Academy yet. However, I know how difficult it is for a project like this to be successful. The great results that you have, camarada, are evidence of the fantastic work that you must do there. Some of my students at KU are yours as well, and their eyes always shine when they talk about you and your work. Thank you for bringing Brazilian culture to Kansas and keep up the good work!” – Luciano Tosta

“Parabéns!!!” - Daniel Castillo Maresma

“frutos de luta, sonhos e determinação e claro… a Graça de Deus…. que as bençãos continuem e as vitórias venham….” – Anali Lopes

“I remember way back to the place off of Santa Fe where your first classes were. You are a positive influence on everyone you interact with. I hope you have continued success! Great picture of your mom and and dad! He looks very proud of you.” – Josh Klusman

“Vc e um a enbencoado, te adimiro,meritos desta familia Linda que vc tem.Parabens.” – Elizabeth Taylor

“Brazil Academy is everything I’d hoped to find in a gym and far more! I don’t make it nearly as often as I want. But when I can make it, it is a refuge of fun, hard physical work, camraderie, and great values both on and off the mat. It is a community of people who work together, learn together, and grow together. For someone who moved to Kansas City without knowing anyone here and who loves BJJ (and now capoeira), Brazil Academy is both family, friends, sports I enjoy, and relief from an extremely stressful career. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have found you and how grateful I am for what youve created here! - Emily Patterson

“vitória fruto de muita garra determinação e tb muita oração bjs que essa data se repita com muitas vitórias mais.” Sueli Pinto

“longa jornada ate ai, lembro quando vc comecou na Santa Fe, depois no parque, na garage, nos centros recreativos, nao importava o local a Aula ia ser data de qualquer maneira, hoje as pessoas devem olhar e falar wow que sorte, mas na Verdade foi persistencia e muito trabalho. Parabens !!!! Nao esqueci ainda do cone mas Tudo Bem kkkkkk” – Veronica Cavalcante

“I wish I could be there! Congrats and I wish you many more years. You and Renata Vaz O. PintoNinja your place is great and your hard work really paid off. I am glad to be your friend and one of the many guest teachers that witnessed your success. Keep up the good work!” – Pedro Zogaib

“I found out about the gym online in the summer of ’12, told Clau and he started training BJJ ONE HOUR after we drove across the country in our move here!!
Congrats on the anniversary and I wish you many more years like these, at least like the 2.5yrs Ive witnessed - Flávia Ferrari

“Ur my family, and we have come a long way. I will always have ur back here and everywhere. Let’s do this thing we call life!!!

Forca Rara capoeira and the Brazil Academy USAhave been apart of our lives for 7 years. Each day we are there we have learned a little more about patience, family and being positive.” – Lee Aranha Shanteau

“We love Brazil Academy USA- our son has grown a lot in terms of respect, team work and maturity. Not to mention improved his motor skills greatly, he started one year ago, at only 4 years old and we are never stopping- you guys are amazing.” – Carol Ana

“I have come down twice now to KC for two events with the Des Moines CDO Capoeira group. And both times I felt very welcome. Your students and now teachers are all incredible characters and they were all so warm and they were all so welcoming each time. Not to mention, you, Morena and your family. You opened your homes for me, hosted to the finest and made sure we all had a good time. I admire your business sense, people skills you have and success you have put into your Acadamy. I wish you the next 5 years of success and happiness! ~ Vermelha” – Olivia Ferreira Christensen

“Congrats on 5 years!” – Master Justin Tjelmeland

“Even though my grandson Dominic doesn’t do capoeira, judging by all the comments made here anyone can see what a great job you’ve done and the impact you’ve had in a lot of people’s lives , however I’m going to take this opportunity to let you know that your Dad impacted Dominic’s life by teaching him so many things about soccer when he gave him private lessons many years ago and still today my grandson remembers him and his teachings with love and ” saudades ” . Your Dad had a lot to do why Dom still plays soccer today and loves the sport! Thank you Derci !” – Anna Lucia DeOliveira

“A game of capoeira is a microcosm of the world, played within a Sacred Circle. Like life, a game begins and ends in the same place. The world is a place of great danger and violence, but also grace and beauty and humour. That no matter what happens or how hard you fall, you will always have your brothers and sisters there watching you get back up and cheering for you (with a smirk!). A game of capoeira, like life, is more than simply the sum of it’s parts, that the energy generated by the individuals combines into something much greater, something inexplicable. And finally, I learned that the singing and the clapping isn’t just to keep rhythm; it’s also to hide the sound of the players breathing hard and farting.” - Brad Hayes


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