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Capo what?

Original Publish Date: Feb. 1, 2012

Why Practice Capoeira?

Capoeira is both dance and martial art. Historically, it was created by African-born slaves exported by the Portuguese to Brazil. Its original purpose was twofold. The first was to provide an escaped, unarmed slave with a means to survive and defend himself from persecution. And as it developed and grew, it also became an art form that unified and identified the Afro-Brazilian slave population.

Today, Brazilian Capoeira serves the purpose of exporting, teaching and promoting the history and culture of Brazil. Following worldwide practice, it’s now recognized as a legitimate fighting style, art, and somewhat strenuous form of exercise.

Capoeira and Physical Fitness

First of all, Capoeira’s fun. It’s a great alternative to the traditional cardio and resistance work that’s necessary to weight loss and muscle buildup. While it can be rather difficult to get used to at first, you’ll be surprised as to how entertaining it can be once you can acquire and maintain a constant flow. But of course, as with any exercise, dance, or martial art, you will feel the burn on those muscles.

Strength, Rhythm, Power, and Flexibility

The basic Capoeira stance will teach you rhythm, and further practice will teach you to use that rhythm in the movements or attacks. Once you’ve got that down, the handstands will greatly develop your upper body strength, allowing you to comfortably carry and move the weight of your body with your arms.

The flashy kicks, swings, and rolls aren’t just for show. Properly executing them will lend great power to each kick you throw, and consistent performance will give your entire body a flexibility that rivals that of Yoga practitioners.

Sparring or practicing with fellow students will allow you to read another person’s movements and react accordingly. In fights or matches, this is called reading and telegraphing, a key component in the practice of the art.

It’s no secret that Capoeira is a complete body workout that develops not just physical fitness, but also coordination, rhythm, and an understanding of telegraphing body movements, just ask any long time practitioner. We offer classes at our location in Lenexa, Kansas. 913-220-2153

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