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Cardio Kick Boxing and Weight Loss

Cardio Kick Boxing and Weight Loss

Physical fitness is very important for everyone and is related to two objectives, general fitness and specific fitness. People often go to gym and do lots of different exercises including stepper, treadmill, aerobics and many more. While these exercises help keeping the body generally in shape and assist in weight loss but results are not fast enough. Trainers are constantly experimenting new exercises which can give faster results for people not having much time to spare to fitness.

Cardio kick boxing is very popular fitness exercise which is hitting almost every gymnasium these days. It is basically a combination of boxing, aerobics alongwith martial arts which provides overall toning of body. It is a total body workout which improves over all strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and co ordination of the body while burning fat, which leads to weight loss simultaneously. It can be done for 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon the individual’s stamina. It is said that one hour of cardio boxing sheds 500 to 800 calories which is roughly twice the calories one can burn, doing aerobics or other exercises. This exercise is a great alternative for the people who get bored of their regular routine exercises like brisk walking, treadmill jogging etc and makes exercising a real fun to indulge in.

Before starting kick boxing 10 to 15 minutes warmup exercises included like streching, push ups, jumping jack and others are mandatory, followed by 30 minutes of kick boxing session. This session includes exercises related to knees like knee strikes, kicks and punches. Lastly one needs atleast 5 minutes for cooling down one’s body by stretching as it plays an important role for the beginners to help relax the muscles and avoid cramps. It is advisable to take classes under expert guidance such as that available at our academy in Lenexa, Kansas.

Those who have taken these classes have found them indeed helpful and have enjoyed the fun of learning traditional Afro-Brazilian martial arts/ dance while loosing weight, shaping great bodies. So go ahead……….join us now to combine fun with your fitness goals.

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