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MMA -- Does Diet Play A Role?

Original Publish Date: FEBRUARY 1, 2012

The gladitorial combat sport known as mixed martial arts (MMA) is growing popular day by day. Whereas once kids used to collect baseball cards they are now surfing to find out who the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world is. A fast growing sport, appealing to the aggressive nature of most alpha males, MMA is becoming one of the most researched subjects in the world. Websites, Pay-per-view UFC events, and clothing companies such as Tap Out, are promoting MMA as a healthy expression of combat. Although the primary components of MMA consist of conditioning, grappling, striking with extreme martial arts such as brazilian jiu-jitsu and muay thai making up most fighters’ arsenals; as with any challenging sport demanding nothing but absolute perfection diet plays an important role.

Most fighters employ the five proportionate meals a day method in order to boost their rate of metabolism. This proves extremely helpful when having to cut weight before a fight. Another tact is to maximize protein and to reduce refined sugar intake in order to better recovery times in the event of sustaining injuries. The best examples of meats rich in protein that are used by several amateur MMA fighters include tuna and chicken, as white meat proves to be less fatty and more nutritious than red meat. Additionally most MMA athletes do their best to maximize fluid intake as cutting weight for fights leave them severely dehydrated. These dietary tips also can also be applied to people interested and/or participating in martial arts to simply shed a few pounds.

An extremely competitive sport, MMA requires specific direction and supervision. The dietary tips mentioned above are a start but for proper guidance MMA Classes are essential; offered at Lenexa, Kansas. For further information regarding such classes consult us.

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