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Muay-Thai -- Be Tough

Muay Thai – Mixed Martial art and Self Defense

Mixed martial arts or MMA in short is a contact sport that permits the use of both striking and grappling on both on the ground and standing position. This includes boxing, wrestling, BJJ or Brazilian jiu jitsu, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo and judo. One of the more common martial arts is the use of muay thai.

Muay thai is a combat sport that originated from Thailand. It uses standing strikes and different clinching techniques. It is also known as the Science of Eight Limbs in which it uses punches, knee strikes, kicks and elbows. This can be compared to having “two points”; in boxing and “four points”; in other disciplines used in other regulated combat sports. With this being said, Muay Thai could be the most effective self defense system in the world. It is said that Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is an unarmed combat system, to an untrained eye; it will appear as a very brutal system which it is, if you do not understand how the system works. While being assaulted, you there may be a time that you do not have any weapon with you, but you may be able to use any of your body parts which can become a weapon through training. All techniques are thrown at very high speeds and with full or maximum power. Training for the techniques are conducted against punching or kicking bags, focus mitts or kicking pads and most of the time, against a physical opponent.

Being a Muay Thai kickboxer increases your strength and agility, helps you lose weight, builds you self confidence and stamina, and most importantly, it teaches you discipline and self defense. Through training, you will be taught to defend yourself and you will know how to shape up your body so that you may be able to triumph over your attackers. We offer Muay Thai along with other classes. For more information you may visit our location in Lenexa, Kansas.


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