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Six Reasons for Learning Portuguese

Learning Portuguese is not only fun, but it also allows you to communicate with millions of people. You see, in 2010, there were about a quota a million people using it. Most of these people are in Brazil. However, the number above does not include those who speak the language in the Diaspora who are estimated to be about 10 million.

The economic opportunities presented by this language are enormous. As you may know , Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world along side Russia , India , China and South Africa, popularly referred to as the BRICS countries. Consequently, as its economy grows; you or your country will need to do business with it. Learning the language will put at an advantaged position over others. Furthermore, in Brazil this language does not vary much; the national languages of India and China vary a lot due to the vastness of the countries.

Portuguese is one of the easiest languages to learn. This is because unlike other languages like Chinese or Hindu which you may need to learn new characters; Portuguese characters are similar to those of many languages. Additionally, this language is similar to Spanish and French, therefore,by learning portuguese, you can be able to understand and speak a bit of these languages.

You can learn it for its cultural significance. If you love soccer, the next World Cup in 2014 will be held in Brazil and soon after Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympics. To attend and enjoy these events, learn Portuguese. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the Carnival Festival which is held annually in Brazil.

The Portuguese Language is considered to be one of the five romantic languages. To learn this language, a native teacher would help you more. In addition, the Brazilian Brand of the language is the most valuable and thus best for starters.

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