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We don't just teach martial arts...
We teach you to have a Bullet Proof mindset with our Character Building and Leadership Program

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Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, and Muay Thai, for all ages

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Become Disciplined

"The training is hard but super rewarding. All the instructors are very experienced and skilled and very helpful. I look forward to every day I can train" 
Chris, Adult Student


Build Confidence

"​Our son and daughter train the kids Jiu Jitsu, as quiet, reserved, children the confidence and skills they have learned in a controlled environment have been so good for them. They are both more confident and happy."
Mallory, Mother

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Find Community

"The professors and mestres are all very knowledgeable. All of the staff members are awesome. One of my favorite parts is the family/community atmosphere. Everyone there is extremely supportive."
Jess Adult Student

New Student Trial for only $29

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Who is it for?


"My original thought was to just bring my kids, but once here I thought "I’ll give it a try myself’" Little I did I know how great all the staff and Professors were. Not only is learning BJJ great but the camaraderie and environment is exceptional."
Mario, Whose family of 5 trains two of our arts


"I continue to be impressed with the staff and their abilities to connect with the younger members. The ability to connect and communicate and see the progression of the work and techniques lets me know that the message is getting through and that the kids are grasping the concepts."
Mark. Whose son trains our Jiu Jitsu Program


"After a lot of research, I finally decided to train Brazilian Jiujitsu at Brazil Academy, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. From the second I walked in, I was welcomed not only by the instructors but by all of the students as well. This is a testament to the community that Brazil Academy has built. This place is the real deal."
Eric, A student in our Adult BulletProof Jiu Jitsu Course

"The only thing I would say; if you aren't growth-minded or ready to reach the next level in your personal life, maybe this isn't the place for you. Or, at least, it will be very difficult to come here and not become better. It's just the natural consequence when you are on the same team as world champions."
David. Adult Jiu Jitsu Student

New Student Trial for only $29

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