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How do I get started?
What should I wear?

Trying a new class and not sure what to wear?  Here you go:

•Capoeira Program: sweat pants and a t-shirt are appropriate for your first week. Don't wear shorts! Grab a pair of sandals or flip-flops because you will be taking your shoes off!

Bootcamp: This class will make you sweat, so breathable, moveable clothing is the best bet. You'll be taking your shoes off so sandals or flip-flops are advised.

Jiu Jitsu Program: A pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. Don't wear jeans as they might rip. Also, bring shoes that are easy to slip on and off, as shoes aren't allowed on the mats but are required in the lobby.

•Muay Thai Program: Sweat pants or gym shorts, along with a breathable t-shirt. This is a fast-paced class, so make sure your clothing is breathable and allows lots of movement. If you have a pair of gloves already, feel free to bring them!

Each Program has a designated uniform that can be purchased the day you sign up! Other uniforms can be bought throughout the year.

Shoes aren't allowed on our mats but are required in our lobby. Be sure to bring something that slips on and off easily!

Am I too old or out of shape for your classes?

Not at all.  Anyone can take our classes,* and the best way to get in shape or lose weight is to start today!  Our courses are built for students at a variety of levels, and we do our best to encourage techniques to avoid injury.  We welcome students of all shapes, sizes, and abilities to train hard and better themselves every class.  

*It’s recommended you check with your health-care provider before taking any class if you have not exercised regularly recently. Feel free to come in and talk to an Instructor and watch part of a class if you have other questions or concerns.

What is the cost of classes?

The price of your tuition will depend on which course you qualify to enter. After your Trial Week, our Advisors will help you determine which course is best for you!

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