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Club Description and Regulations:

Starting on February 1st, we'll launch the 500 Club, an elite club that's accessible to ANY Brazil Academy Student.

The only stipulation is that you have to train 500 Official Curriculum Classes.
The 500 Club is available to all Martial Arts: Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Grappling Class (No Gi) *it is not available for the kids programs

The Official Curriculum Classes are any of the classes you already train! The only classes that don't count are the Jiu Jitsu competition training classes (8:15am Mon-Thur, 6pm Fri)

Why is it Important?

The 500 Club exists for 2 reasons.
1) To help you achieve your goals! You might not want to be the next world champion, and that's OK. At Brazil Academy, everyone has different goals and reasons for training. But we all have one thing in common, we want to become better.

The 500 Club gives you an incentive to come and train. It helps you push yourself. You likely enrolled at Brazil Academy to become a better version of yourself, and the 500 Club helps you get there!

2) We want to show our appreciation to the students that show up consistently. We wouldn't be the team that we are if it weren't for you! Your insistence for growth is pushing the whole team to become better
So when you join the 500 Club, you get access to things like:
-Customized gear with your name and a 500 Club patch
-Special 500 Club Dinners
-500 Club Discounts
-and More!

How long will it take?

That's up to you! The minimum class requirement is 500 classes, but you get to choose how often you train. 
But, we know that 500 class is a lot, so, we've developed something called MILESTONE PRIZES. Each month, if you attend 12 classes, you'll get a Milestone Prize. This is to help you stay focused on the larger goal while also preventing discouragement and mental blocks. By taking a large goal and breaking it into small achievable steps, you can do it! 

What to remember:

Starting on February 1st, every student begins with a 0-class tally. From there, we'll track your attendance until you reach 500 Classes.
After you reach the 500 mark, you'll be a part of the 500 Club for Life!
Please scan your Student ID before or after every class to help us keep track of your attendance.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can either email or you can talk to one of the Student Success Advisors at the front desk.

What if I train 2+ Arts?

Classes are calculated based on the student.
So, if you train more than one art form, then the classes are complied.
(For example: if you train 3 Jiu Jitsu classes and 2 Muay Thai classes in a week, you'll be 5 classes closer to joining the 500 Club!)

Do I have to participate?

Every student will have their attendance tracked as if they were actively participating, but if intentionally working towards this goal isn't going to help your martial arts journey, then don't worry about it! The quality of classes and coaching that you receive at Brazil Academy will not go down just because you aren't a part of the 500 Club.

Social Media Challenge

Record a video, or take a picture, of you and the martial art you train. Post it to Instagram with the hashtag #500club, and make sure that you tag @brazilacademy
Each week, the person who posts the picture/video with the most engagement (likes, shares, comments) will win a FREE acai bowl!

Make sure that you tag @brazilacademy, otherwise we won't see it.
Make sure that you use the #500club, otherwise it doesn't count.

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