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Open House Event!

Rediscover your confidence, become disciplined, find community, all in one of our martial arts Programs!
May 4th, Brazil Academy South Campus is hosting a day of fun, food, and free preview classes.
Join other beginners in these specialized classes to see how we can change your (or your kiddos) life!

Preregister to save your spot by filling out the form below or calling  (913) 220-2153  

May 4th Schedule:

10AM - Adults Jiu Jitsu
10AM - Kids Muay Thai (ages 6-12)
11AM - Adults Muay Thai
11AM - Kids Jiu Jitsu (ages 4-12)
12PM - Adults Capoeira
12PM - Kids Capoeira (ages 4-12)

What is:

Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art. There is no striking, and it focuses on learning to defeat opponents that are larger and stronger than you. It's great for self defense, confidence, and weight loss!

Muay Thai is the grandfather of kicking boxing. You'll learn how to throw punches, knees, elbows, kicks, as well as to defend. It's great for self defense, discipline, and weight loss.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that incorporates music and is rich with Brazilian culture. It looks like dancing fighting, but the kicks are strong and powerful! You'll be introduced to an instant community with this martial art. It's great for weight loss, community, and cordination.

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