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Training, as a female, in a male-dominated sport can be intimidating and frustrating. So, Brazil Academy decided to start a Women-Only Program. Led by Renata 'Morena' Pinto, we have Women-Only classes and women who train in our regular classes throughout the day and week. You'll almost always be able to train with other women who are working to make you stronger and better.

Reasons for Women to train Jiu Jitsu:


1) Learn to defend yourself against a stronger aggressor.

2) Discover a great way to burn off steam and relieve stress.

3) Develop the awareness to protect yourself and stay safe.

5) Overcome your fear of being grabbed or held down.

6) Get in shape and stay healthy while having fun.

7) Appreciate your body for what it can do instead of what it looks like.

8) Unleash your competitive side with BJJ tournaments.

9) Build a social network of positive friends.

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