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Kids Programs

All of our Kids' Programs are designed to grow your child's Humility, Leadership, and Discipline. Our goal is to help your kid grow in these areas to the point that you see the effects in other aspects of their lives, like at home or at school.

We've created various systems to help draw out the natural benefits of doing martial arts, and our goal is to help you give your child a strong platform. 
Lessons that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Jiu Jitsu

Our Kids Jiu Jitsu Program teaches Humility, Leadership, and Discipline through our rotating curriculum, games, weekly class pep talks, and our Character Building Stripes Stripes. We've designed our classes to maximize the opportunity for growth! Our Instructors are hands-on and engaged in class and are highly proficient in communicating with parents. We also provide the opportunity for your child to compete regionally and nationally.

Ready for a decision that will transform your kids' life?



Our Kids Capoeira Program teaches Motor-Control, Discipline, and Body-Control while your child discovers a new culture! The kids learn Brazilian Portuguese and how to play various instruments. The movement and musical aspects of Capoeira often make it a good fit for neurodiverse children, as well as kids needing to grow their self-discipline. This program will also give your child instant community.

Ready for a decision that will transform your kids' life?


Kids BJJ Promotion-06/2022

Annual Batizado event-2021

Inst. Bethany with BJJ Kids Students

Kids Capoeira Student

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