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Kids Programs

Our Kids Programs are founded on principles of Confidence, Discipline, and Respect. All of our highly qualified Kids Instructors strive to make sure that we help to create the strongest platform for your child as possible. 

Our students also have the chance to compete in local and national tournaments.

We take great pride in helping your child grow, in every way.

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Little Ninjas (Jiu Jitsu): 4-6

Jiu Jitsu Warriors: 7-12

Teens Jiu Jitsu: 12-16

Kids Capoeira: 4-8

Luis Felipe Ninja Pinto, it’s been almost exactly two years since Trevor started at Brazil Academy [LTD.] He was interested in learning martial arts and I was interested in finding a positive environment for him to grow. You have invested immeasurable time and energy into training Trevor from KC to Springfield to Long Beach. Not only are you his coach, but also a great role model. You and your family demonstrate true family values, a commitment to God and each other. Thank you so much for the positive impact you have had on my son. I am forever grateful!”

- Melissa Kornelson Cameron

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